Proposal Prep 101


Hello lovelies! It’s February and the ultimate month for LOVE. You really can’t get away from the Valentine’s Day cards, heart shaped chocolate boxes and of course, the signs plastered outside of jewelry stores!

I am reviving this post for all my gentlemen out there waiting for the right moment to pop the question to that significant other!


Gentlemen… Start your engines! No, I’m just kidding!

Tuesday Friday is February 14, also known as, Valentine’s Day and it’s fast approaching! It’s a fact that most proposals/engagements happen between Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day. If you don’t believe me, just check any jewelry store the day before these holidays (it’s also a known fact that most men like to wait to the last possible minute…although your partner has been dropping hints everyday for the past 2 weeks).

Just remember, she’ll be telling this “proposal story” to all her friends, family, and all of your wedding vendors. Make it special. I can’t speak for all the future brides out there, but try to avoid putting the ring in food. You don’t want her to choke on the ring or chip her tooth if she bites on it… she wants to be able to put the ring on right away — not wash off the sticky bits and possibly drop it down the drain!

If you’re preparing to pop the question (now is not the time to get cold feet), here are some tips:

  1. Make sure you have a bouquet of her favourite flowers – roses are always good (unless she’s allergic) and rose petals strewn about
  2. Have some music in the background – classic, soft, romantic
  3. Always good to have some champagne/wine
  4. Lots and lots of candles!
  5. Prepare something special: a homecooked meal or take her to a nice restaurant, foot massage/back rub, or a bubble bath after a long day

    Source: Quality Bath
  6. Don’t forget the ring!

  7. Pop the question in a unique way 🙂

    Source: SJB Weddings & Events
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