What’s in a Bridesmaid?

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So you’ve got an uber sparkly rock on your ring finger and you realize you have to choose who will be in your bridal party and stand beside you on your big day. How do you pick your Maid of Honour and your bridesmaids?

The average is usually four (4) bridesmaids and one (1) Maid of Honour. Of course, it’s your wedding so you can have as many as you wish! And as we’ve learned from the Bridesmaids movie, your bridal party needs to get along! Different friends can have different personalities and as long as they’re supportive to you (i.e. THE BRIDE), then everything should be peachy. But remember, don’t treat them like slaves. They’re your friends and maintaining friendships is far more important than getting 200 DIY wedding favours to be completed the night before your wedding.

We understand you’re the bride and it’s your wedding day, and you should have everything you want… BUT, that’s not always the case. You have to consider OTHER people that are involved in your wedding. Becoming a bridesmaid is not an easy feat and choosing them isn’t easy either… there’s time, money, effort and energy put in by your bridal party to pull off your wedding day without a hitch.


1. Budget for your bridesmaid – what they can budget for the bridesmaid dress, make-up, shoes, hair & hair accessories, and other miscellaneous costs. If you’re having a destination wedding, consider costs for flight, accommodations, and meals. Of course, you can choose to give a gift to your bridesmaids.

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2. How well you know your bridesmaid – it’s one of the most important days of your life… you do not want a random stranger standing next to you. There should be some connection with your chosen bridesmaid, and sometimes your oldest friend may not be your best bridesmaid. People change over time and people lose touch… Make sure it’s someone you trust your life to.

3. How well your bridesmaid knows you – they don’t have to complete your thoughts or finish your sentences, but the most important thing is that they understand you, love you, and support you

4. How well your bridesmaid knows your fiance – if your bridesmaid has never met your fiance, they should not be standing next to you. Your bridesmaid should be able to re-tell the story of how you first met and your proposal story, at the least.

Happy planning! xx

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