What’s Your Table?

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You walk into a wedding venue. You and your fiance fall in love with it. The wedding package at the venue includes standard round tables… or you could upgrade to square or rectangular tables. What do you choose? Round or rectangular?

It definitely depends on the style you are going for, the theme of your wedding and the room layout. With anything to do with a wedding, there usually is a cost. Sometimes the venue doesn’t have rectangular tables and you want them. You’ll have to pay a rental company to provide them at your wedding reception.

Before booking your wedding date with a venue, consider the following:

– how many guests
– room layout
– seating chart
– wedding theme (formal, informal, casual, traditional, etc.)

With table settings come other details: centerpieces, linens, plates, cutlery and glassware. Round tables will have one centerpiece whereas a long table can have multiple. How do you want your guests to interact and feel on your wedding day? Do you want them to talk to each other across the table or just next to their neighbours?

I just love the fact of sitting at a long table – it has the feeling of sitting down for dinner with your entire extended family and friends! Whatever you choose, make sure it’s what you want.

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