Make a List!


You just got engaged. Okay, breathe. Now, what to do first? Who to call first?

It is overwhelming once that ring is on your finger. Your brain will be consumed by all things wedding. To make it easier for you (and everyone else) start off with a Wish List and then your Real List (no pun intended). Because we can’t all have the unlimited budget and grand affair. We have debts, student loans, savings, mortgages, car payments, etc. etc. and no one wants to be in debt after your wedding. Therefore, have a budget set out in your mind already.

Source: Destination Wedding Guide

You should create an approximate amount you and your fiance want to spend for each vendor. Maybe food is more important to you than florals, and you will put more money towards your caterer.

Make sure you to discuss with your fiance about the things that you just can’t budge on (e.g. bridal gown, shoes, food, photography etc.) and where things can be flexible (e.g. wedding cake, linens, florals, decor etc.).

Below is a simple table indicating the average costs Canadians spend on weddings. Read WPIC’s blog here: How Much Do Canadian’s Spend on Weddings?

Source: WPIC Wedding Blog

A must have for any bride is a wedding planner. No, I’m not shamelessy self-promoting (okay, maybe a little) but even I would need a wedding planner for my own wedding. It’s beneficial for everyone when there’s a separate pair of eyes looking at this event objectively – not emotionally. Your wedding planner can help you maintain your budget, create your itinerary, and confirm with all your vendors the details for your wedding. Your wedding planner coordinates your entire wedding from beginning to end and ensures everyone is on the same page. We make sure you and your guests are enjoying the fabulous day and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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