Proposals: Public or Private?

Source: The Telegraph

Proposals have changed over time and it’s no longer just a private affair between you and your partner – as it should be. Now, it includes your entire family, strangers, and flash mobs. I’m sure you’ve heard and seen the videos of public proposals that have gone viral on YouTube that seem to compete with one another for “best proposal ever” or best proposal of the year (see below for the “Movie Proposal”). But is this really what YOU, the bride-to-be, wants?

How about taking a page out of Prince William’s book? The Prince proposed to his lovely wife, Catherine, in a secluded cabin in Kenya (Kenyan mountains below) when they were on vacation. The only way to get to this cabin? By private helicopter. Secluded and romantic.

Source: USA Today
Source: Hello Magazine

Would you rather have your proposal public or private? Was your proposal public and everything you wanted it to be or did you feel pressured? We would love to hear from you!! Send us your proposal story to!!

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