Light It Right!


Thinking of having candles at your wedding reception for some ambient lighting? Well, make sure your wedding planner, venue manager, and/or caterers are aware! Some venues do not allow candles due to fire code restrictions, so make sure to ask at your meeting with the venue!

Candles provide the aura of romance and elegance – exactly what your wedding, marriage, and love are about.

Source: Wedding Girl
Source: Project Wedding

Becoming a wedding planner has allowed me to open my eyes to the most miniscule details. I attended a reception where there were 3 tealight candles in the center of the table… guests were already seated in the hall and staff came around to light them… and only lighted 1 of the 3 candles on the table! Do you want your venue to be lighted only a third?? NO!! Unacceptable. Candles should also be lighted prior to your guests sitting down to give them that “WOW” factor when they walk into the room. You don’t want venue staff hovering over your guests to light candles.

And when the room lights are turned down for your father-daughter/mother-son dance, or first dance, the lighting will be perfect!

Source: Wedding 101
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