Don’t Forget the Little People

Source: Bridal Banter

Whether you choose to invite kids to your wedding or not, you can’t forget them! There are 2 (or more) important people in your bridal party: the flower girl and the ring bearer! How adorable are kids in little suits and dresses?! But we all know, kids will be kids and they will run around, get dirty, and be fussy if they have to wear it all day. So, compromise! Have the kids wear the formal stuff for the ceremony and the photos and the grand entrance, and maybe have them kick off those dress shoes and change into some comfy runners, loosen the tie, take off the jacket, and let them run around at the reception! If all else fails, have a lollipop hidden in your clutch!

Skip the thought of purchasing a suit – the kids will only wear it for a period of time, and then they grow out of it! Don’t spend big bucks, but make sure it still looks good! Check out: Adorable Kids in Oshawa, ON; your local Tuxedo Royale, SearsThe Bay or other boutiques for cute outfits!

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