Not Your "White Dress" Wedding


I had the opportunity to attend a South Asian Weddings: UNVEILED Seminar produced by Jag Brar, owner and lead coordinator of my big day EVENT PLANNING & DESIGNS. A full day of learning about Sikh, Hindu and Muslim weddings and traditions (and let me tell you, there’s A LOT of traditions!). We learned how to tie a saree, makeup tips, mehndi application (i.e. henna); and graced with the presence of Bhangra dancers and a fashion show of traditonal outfits for the wedding, and a Gurdwara tour!

I haven’t attended a South Asian wedding yet (although I am attending next month, June!) and I wanted to learn as much as I could so I don’t embarass myself, as well as understand other religions when it comes to weddings… and perhaps gain some new clients by opening more doors!


And we’re not just talking about the traditional wedding ceremony & reception – we also have:

– pre-engagement rituals (and not just the standard asking the father of the bride for her hand in marriage; known as the thaka or roka)
– formal engagement rituals (more than just a dinner announcing your engagement — the bride and groom each have their own tradition; known as Mangni, Saggai or Kudmai and Chunni)
– pre-wedding ceremonies (example: mehndi or henna ceremony)
– ceremony (Anand Karaj)
– post ceremony rituals & reception
…So that’s why it last a few days!

Ultimately, the couple (i.e. YOU) can still include a modern touch to your wedding. You can change into a white gown if you wish and still throw your bouquet! It’s still a wedding, no matter what culture and religion.

Jewels & Head Piece
Bhangra Dancers
Traditional Outfits
Colour, colour, and more colour! Rare to see only a few colours during the ceremony: red, white, gold, yellow, pink, blue – you name it, you got it!
Mehndi (Henna) Application
Photo credit: Holly Matrimony
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