Pick Your Poison


They don’t call it Cocktail Hour for nothing! A wedding is not a wedding without some flowing drinks! When having an open bar at your wedding, you can SAVE quite a bit of money by choosing the standard serving of liquors, not premium. The majority will drink wine, beer or straight liquor shots… but, what if you’re not a fan of those? Try incorporating a Signature Cocktail or have several cocktails offered to your guests.

Cocktail: mixed drink made with a distilled beverage (gin, vodka, whiskey, tequila, or rum) and mixed with other ingredients (juices–pineapple, cranberry, orange etc.; soda – Coca Cola, 7-Up, ginger ale etc.)

Have a “Cocktail Menu” along with your dinner menu – and have fun with it! Have different names for different drinks (instead of their usual names) and make it so that there’s some significance to you & the groom. If you’re having a theme wedding, name the drinks based on your theme! For example, if you and your groom are avid travelers and having an “Around the World” theme, choose different drinks from the countries you have visited and name it after the country/town/event that took place there!

*Note: these are only suggestions!
New York City = Big Apple (Cosmopolitan)
Paris = City of Lights (Chardonnay)
Japan = Land of the Rising Sun (Sake)
Napa Valley = Wine Country (Merlot)

If you’re having a destination wedding, have fruity tropical cocktails named after different elements of the area (e.g. beach, sky dive, snorkel, sunny, C-Shell etc) !!

Did you know that bartenders are also entertainers? Some are specialized in doing flairsand can put on a show for your guests. Think Tom Cruise in the movie “Cocktail” or Coyote Ugly (minus the singing & dancing on top of the bar).

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