Masquerade Wedding Theme

“Masquerade! Paper faces on parade!” – Phantom of the Opera

I went to New York City the first weekend of April this year to celebrate my anniversary. We went to see the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. WOW! What an experience. The talent, the costumes, the orchestra, the masquerade.

Source: Nevada Shows

I have always been obsessed with Masquerade-themed events, whether it be a Masquerade ball, prom, birthday, or wedding — the allure of putting on a mask and being someone totally different.

Gossip Girl: The Handmaiden’s Tale

With a Masquerade theme, there are endless options for invitations, masks, centerpieces, wedding dresses, wedding cake….and more! Definitely have it as a formal affair, black tie optional. Make sure the event is classy and elegant – not Halloween. Have a flair for the dramatic – make everyone exchange masks at one point or another during the evening and try to guess who is who! Vote for the best mask and give a prize to the best couple.

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