House or Honeymoon?

First comes love…
Then comes marriage…
(baby carriage later on…)

Getting married is one of the biggest stepping stones in life and can cost you a pretty penny. Then comes the accomplishment of purchasing your first home together. (10-20% down payment; e.g. $500,000 home = $50,000 down payment at 10%)

Wedding: $20,000 and up (excluding destination weddings)
Down Payment: $50,000 and up
Expenses: $70,000 and up

Some couples are choosing to bypass the honeymoon and place a down payment for a house instead. Couples are opting to have their wedding guests contribute to the down payment for their home by having a Home Registry, instead of a traditional registry or donations made to charities. has just launched their home registry website allowing couples to collect money for a down payment on a house. The first registry of it’s kind in Canada.

NOTE: Registries SHOULD NOT be included in your wedding invitations or listed on your wedding website. The only proper way to inform your guests is by word of mouth. That’s what your bridal party is for!!

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